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De first time I filmed myself, I found it terrifying. In the meanwhile, it feels all natural for me: I find video a nice way to connect with others. At the moment 25.000 people watch my daily stories on an average basis. 80% is female and between 25-45 years old. In total, I have 49.000 followers. 

Why are you vlogging?

A few years ago I started because I wanted to develop cameraskills: how could I learn to present myself on video in a easy and spontaneous way? 


Besides, it feels like a warm community with like-minded people on my Instagram and I am able to share my interests, business tips & tricks and journey of self development. 

I also want to vlog: how can I do that? 

1. Stand facing a window, with the light falling on your face. Lighting is very important. 

2. If you are very nervous: walk through the room while talking. Walking gets you out of your 'head'. 

3. Keep it short. A story on Instagram is 15 seconds: do not keep on talking, but get to the point fast. 

4. Block and remove followers that make you nervous about 'seeing' your content. People often stop because 'that ex-girl- or boyfriend' might have an opinion about it. Screw that. Live your best life ;-). 

Do you collaborate? 

I rarely or never enter into (paid) collaborations. So far, I have never said 'yes' to a proposed paid collaboration. I request 3.500 dollars for a promotion on my Instagram. 

Although the intention is probably very kind, also sending free stuff, books, courses... preferably not. I have a busy agenda with all the things I schedule myself. Plus: I am a minimalist and therefore I don't like having a lot of stuff in my house. 

However, do you still think we are a match? Please send my team an e-mail on

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