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I read approximately two books a week, for years already (almost everything I read is non-fiction). The total amount of books on my e-reader is more than a thousand. It is impossible to make 'top 3'-lists, because all of the books are so different and too valuable in its own way. However, all books below I have read at least twice, because I found them valuable. The mentioned software, is the software I use within my companies. Almost all links are affiliate links :)  

Celine Charlotte

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I use Kajabi for my online courses. I like the fact that they have an app, amongst others.

This programme I use to mail, create waiting lists and send offers. 

A very easy drag-and-drop website builder, completely focused on making conversion. I use this for my C.Academy website. My other website - such as this one - I create in WIX, which leaves more space for creative freedom.

Plug & Pay is a system with which you create payment pages. All my courses are sold through these checkouts. You can also create an affiliate system. 

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