You can call me Celine, that's what most people do. My parents gave me two names. 

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Do we call you Céline or Charlotte?

You can call me Celine, that's what most people do. My parents gave me two names. 

Before I became 

..I traveled around the world as a digital nomad

I lived and worked in Bangkok, Tokio, Bali, New York and Singapore. 


I like to live in different countries. At this moment, I am living in the USA (and I want to stay here :)), but I travel a lot to Amsterdam (where I grew up) & Bali

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...and 7 years as a journalist 

After the Master Journalism (University of Amsterdam) I have worked seven years as a freelance economical journalist for (mostly) NRC Handelsblad (one of the most precious Dutch newspaper). My expertise: entrepreneurship, tech and self development. Besides, I  gave career advise as a video columnist for AD (another daily newspaper in the Netherlands). 

In 2020 and 2021 I was columnist for FD (a daily Dutch newspaper focused on business and financial matters) in which I gave advise to entrepreneurs. 

I was terrified in front of the camera

As an introvert & typical journalist I thought video was not made for my. 'I am better behind my computer'. Until I grabbed my camera four years ago and started vlogging on Instagram. In a few years my following grew to 49.000 followers, who follow my daily vlogs and I started a successful six-figure business in providing courses.


I was broke and rented out my living room as a meeting room

I started my first company because I wanted to live on the beautiful canals of Amsterdam, but I could not afford it. I rented a nice monumental building, moved in and made my living room and kitchen available as a 'meeting room'. For 800 euros per day. 

Companies such as Apple, Google, Booking.com, eBay, the Municipality of Amsterdam, Heineken and ING wanted to rent my 'unique' meeting room. That was the flying start of my first company: SPOT. 

Within three years I had four meeting locations on the canals of Amsterdam and a team of 15 people to help me managing it. 

It was wonderful and tought me a lot about entrepreneurship, but after three years I had achieved all my entrepreneurial goals within this company. I therefore stopped with this company. 


And I earned one million dollars with selling courses on Instagram

My second company arised in June 2018: C.Academy. I came up with the idea - as the first one worldwide - of providing courses on Instagram. A course that you could completely follow on Instagram: all lessons and tricks were provided in 'stories' on Instagram. 

I came up with the idea on monday afternoon, created a webshop that same evening, where you could buy a ticket and launched the first course the next morning. Two days later 500 people started with the course.

Now, 3.5 years later, over 15.000 students have participated in my courses and masterclasses. The courses developed through the years: it's not only on Instagram anymore, but you can see the content on a video platform, with podcasts, transcripts and live webinars. 


Official bio & stats

  • Born in 1987 (34 years old)

  • Grew up in Amsterdam Opgegroeid in Arnhem

  • Studied at Radboud University in Nijmegen (the Netherlands) 

  • A master journalism at the University of Amsterdam (the Netherlands)

Celine Charlotte van 't Wout is entrepreneur, investor, speaker and vlogger. She put herself on the map as an entrepreneur with her company SPOT, with which she rented out meeting rooms on the canals of Amsterdam. Besides, she launched - as the first one worldwide - courses on Instagram with her company C.Academy. 


In the meanwhile over 16,000 students participated in her courses and masterclasses. On Instagram, Celine has over 49,000 followers and she vlogs about her daily experiences as an entrepreneur. 

She was named as Young Entrepreneurial Talent of 2019 by the FD (a Dutch daily newspaper focused on business and financial matters). 

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